Pinterest Just Got Even Better!

I just love Pinterest.  It is like a living magazine.  Plus, I have found some friends who are extremely creative, fashionable and have amazing taste. 


Pinterest has a new feature and now your amazing pins can be shared with other Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter.    Just click on Repin and get ready to expand your pin.




Then I just love this new Feature – you can select if you want to share this pin with Facebook and Twitter.    Just check the boxes and then share to the two other Social Media Sites!  So easy and so fun.




So let’s share together and #follow me on Pinterestclick here – and I always #followback.




Making Money with Twitter

Well it is not enough to go and travel to Fiji, however, a little pocket change never hurt right?  Especially if it is effortless!  I have a two recommended sites you can use to make a little extra spending money with your Twitter account.

The first one is Sponsored Tweets.  Now you do have to have a certain number of followers and you must disclose you are sending out an advertisement.   I personally see the pocket change growing as your followers grow.  Oh did I mention celebrities use this service!  Yes, celebs even take advantage of sending out the sponsored tweet to their millions of followers.   Want to try it for yourself, it is FREE to sign up.  Click the banner below:

sponsered tweets

The second recommendation is MyLikes.  My likes has a lots of offers, for example on Mother’s Day I got paid for clicks that were generated through my Twitter and Facebook account.  Yes, Facebook and Twitter!  Kind of nice that they use both accounts which can in turn make you more money.


Now a word of advice – DO NOT TURN YOUR TWITTER AND FACEBOOK INTO AN ADVERTISEMENT MACHINE!  You will quickly loose followers and friends.  You want to do these things occasionally so that you are not looking robotic and unreal.  You are only using these for extra money.  Be sure and tweet and post real things on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  VERY IMPORTANT.  I look at each advertisement as providing a service.  If I think a follower or friend my be interested then I will promote the item.  If it looks like every other spammer then I don’t promote, that simple.



Twitter Tip 3 – Unfollowing Nonfollowers

The harsh reality is that not everyone you follow will follow you back. However, because of limits that Twitter places you are going to have to unfollow people so you can actually follow people you follow you.  Follow that?? :)

The video below explains in detail how I use – their site gets right down to the people who don’t follow you so you can decide who is worth following.  I wonder if I can get into a record book about using the word “follow” or “following”. 


Twitter Overview Video

I created this video because of a suggestion and I felt as though it was much needed.  Twitter can be confusing to the newbie.  It took a little of playing on my part to learn all the functions.  However, once I mastered some of the techniques on Twitter!  I love it.  I know a lot of my friends say, “I just don’t get it”.  Hopefully, this video will sort of some of the details, that way you can start building connections on Twitter.