Google+ Plus Overview – Featuring +1

Well, it is official Google has launched a new Social Network – Google+ (Google Plus) – As of right now, you have to be invited by someone on Google+ to get on Google+.  I personally think they are wanted to see how far reached the viral effect of being invited reaches the internet population before letting everyone just sign themselves up.  I had two great social media friends/gurus invite me and I want to invite you too!  Or if you are already on Google+ here is the link to my profile – add me to your circles!

Leave a comment below with your gmail email address (or an email address that is associated with a Google account) and I will invite you to come in to Google+ and add you to one of my circles!  — I will delete comments with emails in the posts, to prevent email hijackers, spammers etc.  I just want everyone to be able to come and explore Google+ with me.

This video gives a quick overview of Google+ and I talk about the +1 button.  If you are on WordPress, be sure to get a +1 Plugin and add it to your website and blog!


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