Get Social Butterfly is a Social Media Education and Consulting business.  My passion is for business owners and entrepreneurs.  Social Media is the new “word of mouth” advertising for this century and everyone should be spreading the “word” about your business.

About Tracey

Born and raised in Texas – now living outside of Houston.  I have always wanted to own my own business and create a dream lifestyle.  I have a vast experience in numerous fields and I have never been afraid to try something (except skydiving).  The benefit of all my experience is that I can walk into any business and catch the vision quickly.


  • Inspire businesses to grab hold of Social Media Marketing.
  • Build Social Media presence for business with valuable content.
  • Create a community through Social Media for business.
  • Create Search Engine friendly Social Media sites.

Dream Big

My motto is Dream Big.  I know that every business owner started with a dream – a big dream.  However, running a business can be very task draining and dream crushing.  Let me inspire you to dream again.  I want your business to grow and flourish.  I want your business to hire people and provide for community and family.  DREAM BIG!

Get Connected

I am an open networker.  I love to connect with people and see what you are doing!  Follow me on all my social media sites and I will follow you back.









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