5 Simple Steps to Facebook Page Success

3-5-2015 9-06-56 AM

(Image source from an infographic at HERE)

Want to generate more traffic for your Facebook page?  You know get people talking about your business to in turn get you more business.  Here are 5 Simple Steps to Facebook Page Success.

Step 1:  Post 2 interesting topics related to your business.

I want to add that if you add pictures it is so much better.  Social Media is a very visual media.  Pictures and words together are very powerful and will create more engagement.  Find a couple of pictures (give credit where credit is due). 

Step 2:  Update your company page status daily

Yes Daily!  You are relevant on a daily basis.  Don’t worry if one posts doesn’t get any likes or comments but keep posting something daily.  You will eventually gain the reputation as an expert in your field because of your daily posts.

Step 3:  Ask for people to comment, like, or share your posts.

Ask and you will receive!  If you don’t ask, you don’t get.  Ask for the like especially if it is something fun or important.

Step 4:  Find and “Like” 5 new pages daily

Network with other pages of similar interests or geographical locations.  Make comments and respond to pages with your page feed.  It is a great way to show interest in other people’s businesses but a free nod for your company.

Step 5:  Tag People in your posts

Tag people!  If you are friends then tag.  This can be tricky but if you know how to tag people this is a great way to boost your page.