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Yesterday was Internet Safety Day.  I know that Internet safety is a top priority in my line of business.  When reading through my daily Social Media news, I noticed a disturbing article.  A young man killed another young man then took a selfie with the body on Snapchat.   Thankfully, someone did a screen shot and the young man can now be punished for his crime.  This is a plus and minus for Social Media.  The plus, it can catch a criminal, the minus is that several people were exposed the horror.

The day before Internet Safety Day, I was scolding three teenagers in my car in regards to using Snapchat responsibly.   They were arguing about taking a “bad” picture down that one had taken of the other.  I made them delete the “bad “ picture.  Keep in mind, the “bad” picture was a goofy smile – nothing really serious.  However, I did take it serious because you should have respect for your friends and if they do not want “bad” pictures them available for teenage ridicule online – then you respect your friend and take the picture down.    I made each teenager post “I will use Snapchat responsibly #repost” in addition to removing the pictures.

The next day, Internet Safety Day – the teenagers had thought they started something because Snapchat had a Internet Safety graphic.  Well, I let them believe it was a trend and they were apart of the new trend on Snapchat.  In reality, I hope they have learned respect for one another and respect for the Internet.

Want to check out Snapchat’s Internet Safety go to:

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