Tip for finding targeted Twitter Followers

It is one thing to have a bunch of followers on Twitter but another to have TARGETED followers.  Below is a video tip on how to approach gaining some targeted followers.

Step 1:

Google your description of your business or who you want to target your business.  Then click on some of the top listings. 

Step 2:

Follow them on Twitter

Step 3:

Look and see if they have a blog, look at blog articles that you think would benefit your followers.  Mention the business on Twitter and post a link to their blog.

Step 4:

Follow any of their followers that you would think would be interested in your type of business.

Got questions?  Look at the video or comment!

Dream Big!


Gain Twitter Followers
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11 Responses to Tip for finding targeted Twitter Followers

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  2. Rhaina Amor says:

    Targeted twitter follower really am very useful.In building quality backlinks and generate traffic for your blogs. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on these field I really appreciate your effort on sharing it with us.
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  3. maxhine29 says:

    Hello Tracey

    I look at the video and its really quite amazing. I just wished that I learned about this earlier. But I believe its not yet too late for me to know and adapt this method.

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  4. Paul Richard says:

    The post is really helpful in building quality backlinks and generate traffic for your blogs. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on these field I really appreciate your effort on sharing it with us, keep up the good work.
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  5. Cynthia says:

    Try to post other things other than links to your blog, post regular update, and try to be active very well, you can get more more follower and traffick to your website on http://www.traffup.net hope that helps…Nice sharing of post..
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  6. Doris says:

    Your video is really amazing I like watching on it Thanks for sharing..
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  7. Angela says:

    Thanks for sharing some tips..You can update your profile daily with new updates,you could also share your blogs & many things…many of the followers will join you… Don’t take tension …..You’ll have many followers in future….
    Angela recently posted..Healthy Or Health Fad?

  8. barry says:

    Ahah! That is a very good tip. What I usually do is just follow a bunch of people that are not really interested on my business. What I get is a small turnover of followers. I will try this technique. Thanks!
    barry recently posted..Managed Account

  9. Cassandra Koh says:

    Thanks for the tips.. Very helpful for me, I do need more traffic for my site… I never tried doing the leveraging process via twitter.. thanks again! :)
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  10. Wow! Why I have not thought of it before? It is so simple and workable too.
    Malathy Badri recently posted..How self stirring pot can help you in your kitchen?

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