LinkedIn – The Secret Social Networking Site

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The more I begin to explore LinkedIn the more value I see in this stealthy site. If you want to become a power player of any sort getting your profile optimized is very important.

I recently just started looking for a “job” – not so much a 9 to 5, but some contract work that I can do at home. I click on the jobs tab on LinkedIn and was VERY surprised. Some major corporations were hiring Social Media Managers. Of course, the locations were not near where I live. The closest one was in Dallas for the company Travelocity.

So here is the scenario, you have been building an online reputation as an expert in your field. You want to find a company who perhaps offers mega benefits or you are just looking to not hustle as much to make money. A major corporation would snatch up an expert to build and promote their business. You can work for them and keep building your online reputation. I view it as acquiring mass amount of clout. Not only are you an expert in your field, you are the expert for a major corporation. I believe that can take someone into a high 6 figure salary.

I have a recommended course – Lewis Howes “Linked Influence” – the course is around $197, however, it is the most real! If you want to become a LinkedIn superstar, be an influencer and land that super star career, then this course is a must for you. I cannot stress enough the value of this program. It will bring you, your career and your business to a new level.

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