Business is Booming!
No Experience Necessary!

Earn From $38,000 to over $100,000 Your First Year.

Ryan Ford is in need of Sales Associates.
Interviews will be held Tuesday July 26th from 9am to 6pm ONLY.
Call 888-762-5757  or 704-806-5267 to Schedule Your Confidential Interview Today.

We Offer:
*College Grads Welcome
*401 K Plan
*5 Day Work Week
*Employee Purchase Plan
*Paid Vacation
*And Much More

———————— Sounds like a great job with benefits right?  WRONG!!!

Beware, this company will interview you then bring you in afterwards to charge you for training!  Then you are not guaranteed a job. 

I answered this ad for the local Ford dealership where I live in Sealy, Texas – Ryan Ford in Sealy, Texas.  I showed up and asked for Cody.  No one there knew a Cody, should have been my first clue, however, they said we have a Chancy.  So I thought it is possible I have the name wrong.  So I sat and sat – thinking they are really running behind on the interview process.  Then through the door walks a young gentleman and announces to the sales managers he is there for the hiring and interview process.  Guess what?  His name is Cody.  Cody just flew in that morning to IAH and had to drive a hour and half to Sealy to conduct the interviews.  He was running late because he didn’t know the distance between Houston and Sealy.

Cody was very positive.  He talked up the job that anyone trained by him will be very successful, you will have to work some long hours some days but the pay is well worth the time.  Cody wanted me to come back on Wednesday at 10am and bring my driver’s license.   I thought that was great, it sounded like I had a job.

I arrive Wednesday morning at Ryan Ford in Sealy, Texas for my 10 am appointment.  After I sat for about 30 minutes, I was greeted by Mario a Sales Manager.  Mario stated that Cody had an “emergency” and had to fly back.  Another alarm went off inside.  Mario stated that Cody took all the applications with him and that I needed to fill out a new application.  I filled out the new application, when I was done, Mario stated he needed to study it – a few minutes later he called me back for the “interview”.   He stated that Cody worked for a company that comes in and charges people money who are wanting to be in automotive sales to be trained.   Mario stated that he does all the hiring anyway and would discuss the job further with me.

A stack of papers was on the desk – wow magically there was all the applications that Cody had “took” with him.   Mario then looked at my resume – and took note of my interest at the bottom – PreK director for Sunday Mornings at Christian City.  Mario then explained to me that people who go to church do not make it in this business.  That they normally golf on Sundays, plus we have two atheist that work here.  I explained that I wasn’t going to Bible beat anyone, I just want to work and make money.  Another noted interest at the bottom of my Resume – my husband and our two children.  He then told me that he has a single mom who works there and that when her kids were sick that he couldn’t let her go home to her sick kids because it was just her and another sales person there that day.  However, Mario just told me that you never get a day off really except for Sunday.  So where was the other sales people, when no one gets a day off?  Mario then told me that they don’t pay for any advertising at all.  The sales people are required to invest and pay for their own advertising and marketing to bring in business.  I am not paying for advertising for someone else’s business unless I directly get all the business from it.  I am not advertising for Ryan Ford in Sealy Texas unless I receive the benefit.  The average customer doesn’t know that you paid for that ad – so the average customer walks into Ryan Ford and another sales person benefits off my expense.  DON’T THINK SO!!  By the way, Mario had also told me that if my sign business was not a success then why should I be a success here.  I told Mario that when I started the sign business coroplast was 30 cents a sheet, now it is 80 cents and no one wants to pay my prices (which haven’t changed) because there is 5 other companies advertising for way cheaper and there is no longer a huge profit – anyway, I have about had it with Mario!  So he then went to get Chancy – the General Sales Manager of Ryan Ford in Sealy Texas.

Chancy sits across from me by then I had time to process the fact that this company HIRED another company to train sales representatives and then charge them for training? And the fact I just got the berated in an interview to work for this company? That my faith was brought up during an interview? – and it presented a problem?  Chancy didn’t have a chance!  I quickly told him that any company that makes people pay for training is “SLEAZY”!  He stated it is not mandatory.  I stated again, it is “SLEAZY”!  I told Chancy, “First impressions mean a lot to me, and I don’t have a very good first impression of this company and I do not want to work here – Good bye.”

Beware job hunters.  What seemed like a small town Ford Dealership hiring for sales representatives was originally a scam!  By the way the population of Sealy is around 5000, everyone knows everyone.  You wouldn’t think that it would happen here but it does.  So in this job market just beware and if things don’t seem right, go with your first instinct and walk away.

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