Twitter Tip 3 – Unfollowing Nonfollowers

The harsh reality is that not everyone you follow will follow you back. However, because of limits that Twitter places you are going to have to unfollow people so you can actually follow people you follow you.  Follow that?? :)

The video below explains in detail how I use – their site gets right down to the people who don’t follow you so you can decide who is worth following.  I wonder if I can get into a record book about using the word “follow” or “following”. 


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4 Responses to Twitter Tip 3 – Unfollowing Nonfollowers

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  2. Thank you so much for being the first person to respond to my new video. So glad you liked it :)
    getsocialbutterfly recently posted..Twitter Tip 3 – Unfollowing Nonfollowers

  3. Yahwe says:

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