Twitter Overview Video

I created this video because of a suggestion and I felt as though it was much needed.  Twitter can be confusing to the newbie.  It took a little of playing on my part to learn all the functions.  However, once I mastered some of the techniques on Twitter!  I love it.  I know a lot of my friends say, “I just don’t get it”.  Hopefully, this video will sort of some of the details, that way you can start building connections on Twitter.

The story of two small town businesses

Once upon a time there was a dance studio in a small town with a population of 5000 people.  Every Tuesday my daughter has ballet and tap lessons at this local studio.  In the small downtown district there is only a handful of other business, in which, for the most part people take for granted that they are even there.

dance studio

Then one day, a grandparent came to pick up her granddaughter from dance.  She had in her hand a very delicious looking drink.  I ask her where she got something like that in our small town.  She explained that there is a coffee shop around the corner.  Really?  The name of the business is Cafe not Coffee?!  So of course, I had to investigate.  Our town is too small to have a Starbucks and I really miss gourmet coffee drinks.

Sure enough, the shop served coffee, ice cream shakes, smoothies, desserts!  Wow all of this goodness tucked away in a little off the beaten path place!  Caramel Espresso Shake  — that is now my favorite, or is it the White Chocolate Cheesecake shake – can’t decide.

As dance studio parents began to talk we realized this a great place to wait while our little ones are taking their 45 minute dance class.  Not sure if I should have spread the word now! Because my Tuesday treat is beginning to be worth waiting for.  Get the “waiting” part because the “cafe”/ coffee shop is busy!

The two businesses networked off of one another passively.  It was a simple word of mouth transaction that took place.  The cafe is now on Facebook with 401 Likes!  The Social Media word of mouth is even more POWERFUL and multiplied his word of mouth advertising.  So now I must wait more :) – worth the wait but about to see if I can get him a call ahead line! :)

Now, here is the challenge – start liking the businesses in your community Fan Pages.  Start commenting on their pages with your Fan Page!  You are making your presence known on their Facebook wall – Passive Word of Mouth Advertising!  — don’t know how to do this! contact me and I will make it happen.

Here is a pic of an actual shake from my favorite coffee shop!  Sorry Starbucks you are now #2!


Just look at that caramel dripping on the inside! yum.

Dream Big


I Need Money Now

This is my honest report on how I am able to generate FREE capital for my business.  There is so much valuable information on the internet but these people for the most part DON’T give it away for free.  The really good “gurus” charge $67, $297, $697 for their courses (I think it is a guru thing – that all programs end in 7).  I will admit it is investment, the instructor took a lot of time making videos and posting content on how to run a business on the internet.  However, when the money is leaving the bank account and not returning it can be VERY discouraging.

I find valuable information that I am willing to pay for but my pocketbook is starting to scream.  I don’t want to replace the green in there with spider webs.  Now please understand my mindset, I look at this as an investment and it is cheaper than going back to college.  In my line of thinking, I was wishing for scholarships for learning on how to use the internet to create a business or promote my business.

Then I found the system better than a scholarship and especially better than a loan.  I am so excited about the results and the ease of use. Does this program cost $1000’?   Does this program cost $100’?  Does this program cost $10?  NO – this program is 100% completely FREE!!  Finally, somebody gets it!  Finally, somebody understands the need of the Internet marketer!  Cash

So if this is you – love to internet market, want to create an internet business, or just trying to pay off debt – you MUST be a part of this program.  FREE!  You will be generating an income while trying to build your business, empire, dynasty, etc.!

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