My Top Five Favorite Fan Pages!!

Betty Crocker Banner

1.  Betty Crocker – They know how to interact fans.  The picture above is their Page Banner and features a Fan of the Week.  This little girl gets to be famous in front of 955,863 fans.  I love this fan page because the fans interact and post lots of pictures.  For a busy mom like me – the inspiration is priceless!  I think making cake pops is next on my list of things to do.  Who knows – I might submit the pic of me and my daughter making cake pops and my wanna be chef will be the next fan of the week.

Jack in the box

2. Jack in the Box – 365,196 fans get to enjoy Jack’s sense of Humor –

“Now that we are on Daylight Savings time let’s never change it back. The revolution of the clock starts right now, people. Who’s with me?!”
– Ok, maybe this post is the REAL reason I put them on my top five – because I don’t like Daylight Savings Time.

Really, the fans are very active on posting.  Plus – Right now – you get a $1 coupon off a shake, sounds like a plan to me.

Did I mention Jack’s Likes – Everything starts with Jack!  Very creative


3.  Kimkins – This is a diet website and  the fans are all organic fans all 1653 of them.  This is quality posting.  I appreciate the tips they offer for a low carb lifestyle.  A recent post is:

“DIET TIP: Another tip for “bored” hungry! Walk barefoot in the grass. The sensory stimulation works on the part of your brain that “desires”. OK, so this wouldn’t work if you live where it snows …”

Mari Smith 

4.  Mari Smith – Great Facebook Resource #1 but with 35,413 fans you can guess that her advice and tips are well sought after.  I mostly enjoy her change for March with her St. Patty’s day attire!  Keeping things fresh.  She may be a “guru” but she is fun too!  Fun always wins in my book.


5.  Guildcraft arts and crafts – This one is very selfish because I NEED THIS!!  I am very involved with VBS (Vacation Bible School) at our church and this site has VBS supplies for Less!   Plus, the Freebie Friday craft is great!  Before their catalog came out they used their Fan Page to preview some items.  Great idea!  Get everyone talking before the catalog arrives.  Clever!!



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