5 Fun Ways to Use your Facebook Page

Creating Fans is one thing when building your Facebook page, but keeping them interested is another.  Here are a few ways to gain interaction between you and your fans.


1.  Give something away – FOR FREE!  Contests are always fun and everyone likes to win something.  Offering something for free can entice people to recommend and comment on your Facebook Page.  Picky Palate gives away all sorts of gifts.  The latest giveaways were a Nestle Cookie giveaway, a McCormick Spice Rack, and a Mediterranean-style Gourmet Gift.  Just for one contest entry there was 50 comments on her blog, plus 10 comments on Facebook.  Now this might seem like a lot, however, it is a traffic generator plus the chances to win are big!  One winner will brag on their Facebook about Picky Palate to their average 200 friends.  Great word of mouth.

2. Joke Day – Humor is a universal language.  My favorite is the Clean Jokes from Bubbles Car Wash.  A great joke will catch peoples attention and get them talking.  They recently posted this:

How do you think Jack Frost gets to work?
By icicle, I suppose!

A quick chuckle causes people to remember.  Laughing actually enhances memory – Here’s the medical jargon – Endorphins stimulate your brain’s frontal lobes. This can lead to increased focus and attention span.

Tell a joke and have your fans remember and look forward to the next joke!

3. Ask a Question – Keep it current and keep it general.  Unless you are running a Republican Party is #1 Facebook page, try to stay away from politics.  Next, unless your page is Gender Bashers Unite – don’t gender bash.  Do you get the picture?  A heated debate might come over your Page if you ask – Steelers or Packers? – but at the end of the day no one is going to judge your company based upon a Superbowl Game because the players will change next year.  Jack in the Box recently asked:

How those resolutions goin’? Yep, mine too. – 453 Likes – 132 comments

OK, you may not be a National Fast Food chain, but you can get people talking which leads to branding.

4.  PicturesLe Reve Bakery shows off constantly what she produces.  I love the cake below, her most recent photo.  The customer can even tag this photo and show off their cake.  In addition, pictures show off exactly what kind of product she produces.


Don’t forget event photos and random business pictures.  Event photos can get customers talking about the event and possibly tag themselves in photos.  Random event photos can help customers see new updates about your business.

5.  Tips and TricksBox Tops for Education just hosted a webinar Tips and Tricks for submission.  A simple event that could help their 351,943 fans in the submission process for those 10 cents box tops.  You may run a restaurant and provide simple tips on how to prepare food or share recipes.   I could really make a huge list on this topic alone.  Use your imagination and get people talking. 

Talking, typing, tweeting, etc.  all equals promotion for you business.

Dream Big!