I want to get noticed! Get your wings out and SOAR!

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This is a normal client, the baby bird in a field with a bunch of Eagles.  They need to be fed and learn to fly.  However, in their DNA their were born to be an Eagle.  It makes a complete difference when you know what you are made to become in life. 

Really I want to get noticed and so do my clients.  A business owner has a product or service that needs to be advertised to a mass group of people.  Advertising is expensive and can feel like a trip to Vegas.  Come on Newspaper…..mama needs to sell off these clearance items!   I have to say there has to be a better way.

When I started in advertising way back in 1994, part of my education to my customers was letting them know that “Word of Mouth” advertising was the best and cheapest advertising.  Now I wasn’t selling “Word of Mouth”, I was selling print ads in a magazine.  I was the black jack dealer coaxing people to come to the table, place a bet, and let’s see what the cards deal out.  It worked for some and didn’t work for others.  Honestly, it came down to what was our customer base looking for when they opened the magazine.  Now, some of my clients back then didn’t hang around the table long enough to see any payoff, they folded on the first round.  The ones who saw the biggest payoff where the ones who stayed several rounds and built their image.

With the new line of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogs, and YouTube (just to name a few) it is easier and cheaper to stay in front of your current clients to build “Word of Mouth”.  The domino effect is simple and just a few clicks for the average customer.  For example, you have a friend on Facebook who just clicked that they like, “Rose’s Resale on Main Street”.  You read your Facebook page and notice this post, “I have been there once, or I didn’t know there was a resale shop on Main”, you click Like and now you are a Fan.  Rose’s Resale just made a fan without spending extra money and it turned into a form of “Word of Mouth” advertising.  Now, Rose’s Resale makes a post that they are having a 50% clearance sale and 15% of their fans are interested in this sale.  15% may not sound like a lot but it increases actual foot traffic in store, which is the ultimate goal of the Facebook post.  The end cost of this advertising is virtually ZERO!  What a great return on the investment!

Businesses need to be on Social Media outlets and need to stay current.  A new generation of consumers are about to be the main stream consumer.  They are fluent in Facebook and Twitter and do it all on a mobile device.

Bald Eagle

As my clients begin to take to the sky and fly like an Eagle, others will begin to understand the power of “Word of Mouth” advertising and the platform for it on Social Media.

Dream Big!



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