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Ok, here’s the background – I am cruising the job field on Craigslist.  I am always trying to see who is hiring.  What companies are moving and shaking and need to hire people to help?  I come across an ad for hiring a Social Media Assistant.  My immediate thought is that I CAN DO THIS!  Let’s face it, I can post on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter, and cruise the Internet.  You can really call me a technology addict.  In fact, yesterday Martha Stewart said, “You can never have too much technology,” while she was bragging about her Kindle.  I knew I LOVED her.  Not only is she crafty creative like me but she loves technology!Martha picMy husband has a crush on her too.

Social Media Assistant – I googled it and NO Wikipedia definition.  I believe this will change in the next year.  Let’s face it, the Yellow Pages are dead.  My sign business is great but I must be honest, most of my business comes from bandit signs.  The law change in 2007 and my customers do not want to get in trouble and pay big fines.  There has to be a better way to advertise.

Want to check it out more – go to

Google Adwords is one of the BEST advertising systems on the Internet.  It has produced big results but has also cost us big in advertising.  Yes, you can spend $100 a day just trying to get 10 clicks in the Houston area, which only produces perhaps 7 customers, which are only one time orders with no residual.  Repeat business and residual are the keys to any business and their longevity.  If a business does not have repeat business they must charge high rates to stay in business.  Well, I have a LOT of competition, so charging high rates to stay ahead will actually put me behind.

Word of mouth advertising is FREE.  This is my favorite advertising.  Your customers should be speaking, bragging, and advertising for YOU!  I love my phone calls – “John told me that you have a very fast turn around and I need to order 100 signs.”  Did I have to spend a dime to get that customer? NO. 

FREE advertising is found on Social Networks like Facebook or Twitter.  Your friend’s friend’s cousin just put her kids picture on Disney Junior contest so her kid can have 30 seconds on fame on TV.  However, the child with the most votes wins.  The email, Facebook or Twitter campaign begins.  Then you want to help because everyone wants to see someone get 30 seconds of fame, so you tell everyone to vote for this person.  The same is seen when you have read the same Angel email that give you money if you send it to 10 friends in the next 10 seconds.  It is really called Viral advertising.  As a business owner you want to go Viral, you want everyone talking about your business at some point during the day.  This is also called branding.


Branding  Definition

Entire process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product (good or service) in the consumers‘ mind, through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

So here my journey begins – I am going to be a Social Media Assistant.  I want to help small companies do what I already do, become successful on the internet but not have to spend a fortune doing it.  New start to a new year, cant’ wait to see what it has to bring.  The Best is Yet to Come!!

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