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I read this article today and wanted to measure myself up to the points listed.  Basically, if I was a potential client of mine what would I need to know to hire myself.  This article is great!  So I wanted to ask myself these questions and give answers.

1.  Do you possess intellectual curiosity?  I possess A LOT OF CURIOSITY.  I am virtually known as a walking trivia bank.  I can go into any situation and quickly pick up on the lingo, the rules, and the tempo.  My friends call me a sponge because I pick up on new things really fast.  I may not want to know where the fuel injection filter is on my car, however, with a few swift key punches on my computer I can look up the information and pass it along to my husband (he has to be the one to change it out).  Don’t get me wrong, I will be sitting on the concrete beside the car watching him because that is where husband’s want their wives.  I am also everyone’s GPS – my friend’s call me to get directions and find places.  Don’t worry if you get stuck in downtown Houston, I WILL get you out!  Basically, I love to learn new things when I stop learning is when I am dead.

2. Do you have passion?  I must let everyone know, I am money motivated.  I love to make money and especially love to see others make money.  I do not live in a jealous state of mind.  If you have a mansion – yeah! – because that means I am closer to mine.  I have a high drive to make money.  In addition, I have a high drive to give.  I love to give to charity and good causes.  I need  a lot of money to be able to give to everyone I want.  So get ready, can I make you some money?  Yes!  Because I want to make money to give.

3. Do you have knowledge of your business?  YES!  I absolutely love my business.  In my current sign business I love being able to help customers with their advertising needs.  Suggesting the design and the words that will grab someone’s attention.  When I worked in print advertising, I loved designing effective ads for clients.  Social Media is no different – the key is to get people talking about you.  Social media is creating your own paparazzi that will get people talking about you.  A celebrity will actually tip off paparrazi and let them know where they are going in hopes of a photo op.  In turn that photo op will be broadcast on TMZ or on the gossips magazines at the check out counter.  For example, The Kardashians are not actors and not super models but just really great promoters of their crazy life.  Everyone will soon be talking about them or wondering who they are.

4. Do you love people?  I have to be honest, I have been called to love all people.  Everyone has a story and it is awesome to sit and listen to the story.  Everyone has to deal with some level of dysfunction and some people are amazing over comers.  I love to see people succeed and most love to see business owners succeed.  I know how to use the computer but I also know how to talk to people.

5.  Are you a problem solver?  I may not have the best idea but I can point in the right direction.  Sometimes you just need to be honest and admit you made a mistake with someone and APOLOGIZE.  Next, you may need to negotiate to compensate for a problem.  Last, be the first one to admit their was a problem and don’t live in denial.  These are the best ways to quickly diffuse any situation that may arise with a customer, coworker or employer.  Quick to forgive and move on.

6. Are you thoughtful?  I am thoughtful for the fact that I am respectful.   I am not going to beat you up because your opinion differs from mine.  I want to acknowledge your birthday and I want to help you celebrate who you are.  I want to congratulate you on an anniversary.  However, I do know the bad stuff happens.  I will admit I have flaws and I know that you do too.  Basically, no is perfect. 

7.  Do you have strategies?  My strategies are AMAZING.  I want to target the bulls eye.  I love to research and find that bulls eye and go after it.  As a result you may pick up some points on the whole target, but get some top points for hitting the bullseye more than one time.  A novice can hit a bulls eye – ONE TIME.  A pro hits the bulls eye – MOST OF THE TIME.

8.  Are you a “guru” or “diva”?  I am only a diva for the fact that I want to get my hair done, and like a nice vehicle that’s it!  Otherwise, when you think you KNOW IT ALL, you just put a roof top on your knowledge.  You won’t go any higher.  You are not flexible.  If you are not flexible – you are hard and you will break.    I don’t know it all and will never proclaim that I know it all, I will keep learning and keep moving and striving to keep my clients and my company in forward motion.

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